History of Second Baptist Church in Union City, TN

The church was started as a mission church in 1951 from First Baptist Church in Union City.  There were some of their members that had the vision to minister in other parts of the city and the most effective means was to have a church planted.

The church used to be located on Edwards St. (current location of First United Pentecostal) and then in 2000 the church purchased land and in 2001 the church started the first phase of the “Journey of Faith” from the Edward’s St. location to the church’s current home on Everett Blvd.  Since then the church completed the second phase in 2005 which involved the construction of our sanctuary with one more phase to be completed which involves the addition of a gym area.

As a member or potential member of Second Baptist you are encouraged to take part in this continued journey of faith for the church by making pledges to the building program.  The impact that you can have will be remembered in God’s kingdom for all eternity.

2003- Present