Second Baptist Church looks to Romans 12:1-2 as the call that we are to be transformed more into the image of Christ everyday!  Because of this we look at discipleship as being the best way by which we can learn how to be light in darkness.

If you have questions, please make sure you contact:

Bro. Gary Stafford (garystafford@xipline.com), Minister of Education and Outreach

Here are opportunities for discipleship growth:

Sunday School (All Ages)

Sunday School Teacher directory

Second Baptist offers an age-graded Sunday school program that meets at 9:15AM on Sunday mornings.  This is where we prefer for our members and prospects to attend as this is where our church grows and connects.  There are departments provided for our preschool-youth ages.  Then there are three departments offered for our Adults:

Adult III (35-55+)- Our Young Adult Class is for ages (18-35)

Adult II (50-70+)

Adult I (65+)

You will find through our Sunday school program that this is where our people connect the most and serve the most.  Each group is challenged to perform one mission project per year and there are many opportunities to serve just within the groups. Our lessons are generally expository and walk through books of the Bible.

Second Baptist Sunday School Group

Children- I’m a Christian Now Class (5th Grade and below)

Each fall and spring we provide a 4-6 week class based on the material, “I’m a Christian Now” from Lifeway.  This class is for children below the 5th Grade that have recently made a decision to trust in Christ.  We also use this class as a way for children that are thinking about this decision to learn what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Christian Life University

On Wednesday nights during the Fall and the Spring, there are small groups that meet to discuss more intense topics.  This is where our Christian Life University has become successful.  CLU offers classes on evangelism, discipleship, family, parenting, marriage, and many more that speak right to hearts of people and their situations.  Signups occur during August and December for these courses.

Christian Life University brochure

Second 101/Fresh Start

An important part of growing in your relationship with the church is by learning about the church and how it all works together.  It also involves learning how to get your journey to begin especially if it has been a while since you have experienced growth.  This is where our assimilation course of Second 101 and Fresh Start have become valuable.

Second 101 is our new member course that is offerred on the 4th Sunday/Wednesday of each month.  The topics include discussing what we believe as a body of followers, how to get involved, and how we are structured as a fellowship.

Fresh Start is our new class that is offered once in the Fall and in the Spring.  This is where adults have the chance to learn some of the foundational truths of what it means to follow Christ and then they are eventually placed back into the Sunday school ministry ready to learn even more.

Grief Share

During our Fall and Spring sessions, Bro. Jerry Leggett offers a course on Grief Share.  Topics can include how to deal with grief during the holidays or the stages of grief.

Divorce Care

Mrs. Pam Murphy, who serves as one of our staff counselors, provides during the fall and spring a course open to the public for recent or past divorcees.  Topics of discussion include learning how to forgive, how to be a parent through a divorce, and many more.